How to Cure Hemorrhoids: A Case Study

January 16, 2009

I decided to do something a little bit different in this blog and write a case study about one of my close friends who recently cured her hemorrhoids. I’ll give you background information about her, the treatments she tried, and how she finally managed to cure hemorrhoids after a 9 month struggle.

Background information:

Emma is a 35 year old mother of 2 who lives in Sydney, Australia. She is a fairly active woman who had never had any problems with hemorrhoids until around 18 months ago. When Emma first noticed her hemorrhoids she was 7 months pregnant.

Emma’s hemorrhoids started as no more than a slight irritation that she noticed during bowel movement. She had no problem maintaining her regular lifestyle for the first 4 weeks that she had the hemorrhoids. It was at the 4 week mark (when she was 8 months pregnant) that she started to experience pain when going to the toilet. She also noticed more blood on the toilet paper and in her stools (both 2 very common symptoms of hemorrhoids).

Emma’s first reaction when noticing that she had hemorrhoids was to wait it out, she had read that they were quite normal amongst pregnant women (around 35% or all pregnant women get hemorrhoids) and assumed that after a few weeks they would disappear by themselves.

Time went by and Emma gave birth to a beautiful baby boy – at this stage she had suffered from hemorrhoids for 2 months.

Again, Emma did nothing as she assumed that after pregnancy her body would return to normal gradually. This didn’t happen and 2 months later she was suffering more pain than she ever thought was possible due to hemorrhoids. Basic daily tasks such as driving the car, walking and sleeping were all being affected.

After speaking to a friend of hers, Emma decided to try using some creams to cure her hemorrhoids. From her local pharmacy she chose one of the better known brands and started treating herself immediately.

To Emma’s relief, her hemorrhoids did start getting better. After a month of using the cream they had subsided to the level they were at before giving birth – she was only mildly irritated and could perform all her daily jobs without problem.

Emma continued using the cream for another month and then decided she was at a level where the hemorrhoids had almost disappeared and so she decided to stop using the cream.

In the weeks to come, Emma’s life returned to normal. She thought she had overcome hemorrhoids and was very happy to be getting on with things again. Unfortunately her situation was about to get a lot worse…

Her hemorrhoids returned. They became worse very quickly this time and within a few short weeks she was experiencing unbearable pain again. The cream provided a temporary cure of the hemorrhoids. It had worked well to treat the hemorrhoid symptoms but wasn’t doing anything to treat the root cause of the initial hemorrhoid.

This is when Emma approached me. I explained to her what had happened and informed her of a few of the finer details of hemorrhoids. I immediately suggested Emma use a natural hemorrhoid cure that would work to cure the root cause of hemorrhoids and not just the symptoms. I recommended she try with Venapro (a homeopathic cure) or H Miracle. I told her both would work much faster than the cream she had been using and that she would cure her hemorrhoids for good.

Emma decided to use H Miracle. Both products would have worked extremely well but Emma thought that the customer support offered by H Miracle was better than that offered by Venapro. 10 days after starting to use H Miracle, Emma’s hemorrhoids had virtually disappeared. She was amazed at the treatment and how quickly it worked to cure what was a reasonably serious case of hemorrhoids. She was free again after 9 months of pain and suffering.

Six months later, Emma is still free of hemorrhoids and has had no more problems at all.

I have seen H Miracle and Venapro work successfully on so many different occasions for such a range of age groups and types of hemorrhoids. I am a big fan of natural hemorrhoid treatments and always recommend them to sufferers of hemorrhoids. One last thing, don’t wait to take action until you are suffering immense pain, take action as soon as you realize you have hemorrhoids and avoid the pain and suffering that Emma went through.