Hemorrhoids and Their Symptoms

April 5, 2009

When you speak of hemorrhoids you will hear of bloody stools and an itchy anus being the main hemorrhoid symptoms.

The two most common groups of hemorrhoids are known as Internal and External hemorrhoids, each have their own hemorrhoid symptoms.

External Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Located outside the anal canal, the external hemorrhoid is the easier to find than the internal hemorrhoid. It is characterized by the clump of skin that is located near the opening of your anal canal. The more advanced type of this hemorrhoid is bright red, the lesser developed is blue. When walking or sitting down this may because you some pain and even lying down may be uncomfortable. The sizes of the hemorrhoid differ by its development from severe, where it can get as big as a golf ball and not so severe where it can be quite small.

Symptoms of Internal Hemorrhoids

In most cases, internal hemorrhoids will not be as easy to notice as external hemorrhoids. Normally to find this type of hemorrhoid, you will notice that you have bloody stools or that there is blood on your toilet paper. You may even notice that you have some mucus, itching and may feel that you constantly need to go to the bathroom.

The most common of these hemorrhoid symptoms is itching, which is caused because of the mucus that seeps from the hemorrhoid. In addition, the feeling of having to use the bathroom constantly comes from the senses around the anus can feel the hemorrhoids and will think that it is a stool and make you feel as though you have to go, when in reality you may not.

In general, you may not get as much pain from the internal hemorrhoid as you would if you had an external hemorrhoid, unless you are experiencing the most severe type. The earlier stages of this condition may not even produce any pain, however constant itching may give you some discomfort.

Treating Hemorrhoid Symptoms

When you are sure that the pain and discomfort you have is from hemorrhoids, you will want to search for some type of hemorrhoid cure as soon as possible. The failure to find an effective cure for hemorrhoids will lead to the more painful type of hemorrhoid.

You will find that by simply increasing your intake of fiber may help to heal the hemorrhoid symptoms. The eating of fruit, vegetables and fiber rich pastas and cereals will help to make stools softer and to keep down instances of aggravation and pain as well.

Options you have for curing Hemorrhoids

1. Talk to your doctor or go to the pharmacy to receive a cream to help relieve the pain and reduce the swelling of your hemorrhoid. Creams and ointments must be applied many times a day and may cause some burning sensations, however they do not provide a cure to hemorrhoids, they are a temporary pain killer.

2. Sometimes when you have a more severe form of hemorrhoids you may need hemorrhoid surgery. This is usually a last resort as recovery takes 4 weeks or more, it is extremely painful and costs between $1000 US and $1500 US or more.

3. Natural remedies are another hemorrhoid cure that is the most recommended of the three. They work particularly well at not only ridding you of hemorrhoid symptoms but also are known for being a permanent cure for the condition of hemorrhoids. Many people will tell you about a program called H Miracle which has particularly great reviews and helped many thousands of people cure the hemorrhoid problems. Some have even noticed profound difference within 48 hours of trying the product. This treatment is also the least expensive of the products as it only costs a one time fee of $35 USD.

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