Hemorrhoid Cures and Prevention Techniques

January 13, 2009

Traces of blood in your stools are one of the main symptoms of hemorrhoids but thats not to say that if you notice blood in your stools you have hemorrhoids. Blood in the stool (or coating the stool) can sometimes be due to other illnesses and even cancer so it is also best to get yourself checked out by a medical expert.

Though hemorrhoids alone are not life threatening; other conditions could be if they are not diagnosed and treated, especially in the early stages. So, as you can see, it is very important to know what you are treating before you treat any particular kind of undesirable ailment. This is not the time to guess.

Hemorrhoids are the most common illness that cause bleeding from the anus so in most cases anal bleeding will be from a hemorrhoid. External hemorrhoids are easy to diagnose given that you can see them and touch them easily.

If you have an external or internal hemorrhoid your veins in and around the anal canal will be swollen or inflamed. Sometimes external hemorrhoids can look like a lump of flesh protruding from the anus. Internal hemorrhoids are often diagnosed through seeing bright red blood on toilet tissue or in the toilet bowel.

Blood volume and excessive blood pressure causes the veins to expand and eventually form what is known as hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids can last a very long time if left untreated. Sometimes the pain experienced (especially during bowel movement) can be extreme. The severity of hemorrhoids can change over time but hemorrhoids do not generally heal themselves without you making some lifestyle changes.

The lifestyle changes needed are not major and shouldnt be too difficult to achieve. Firstly, you will need to increase the amount of fiber in your diet ” you can do this through eating more fruits and vegetables. Diets high in fiber produce softer stools and this reduces the aggravation caused during bowel movement. They also minimize you chance of becoming constipated which is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids.

By keeping your metabolism in shape, you can keep your bowel movement regular and avoid constipation. To get your metabolism into shape I recommend walking for at least 15 minutes per day if possible. Also, make sure you avoid sitting down for long periods of time. This increases blood pressure in the rectum and will stifle your hemorrhoid treatment progress.

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