Hemorrhoids, Haemorrhoids, Hemroids, and Piles…

The confusion around Hemorrhoids, Hemroids, Haemorrhoids and Piles.

A noun
1. hemorrhoid, haemorrhoid, piles
“pain caused by venous swelling at or inside the anal sphincter”

I wanted to write few brief lines to help clear up the confusion around the difference in spelling and the different names used to describe this horrible illness.
Different countries spell hemorrhoids/hemroids/haemorrhoids in different ways. For example, British English uses hAEmorrhoids as the correct grammatical name for this illness.

American English uses Hemorrhoids or Hemroids to describe the same illness. Hemroids is actually a common mis-spelling of hemorrhoids – it has been used so frequently now however that it has almost forced itself to become the third version of spelling hemorrhoids.
Piles is the old English way of naming hemorrhoids. It is still commonly used today.

One last attempt to make this clearer:

Residents of the USA should use: Hemorrhoids
Residents of the Australia should use: Haemorrhoids
Residents of the New Zealand should use: Haemorrhoids

I hope that has successfully cleared up this complicated little issue.

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