Hemorrhoids Diets Exposed

Hemorrhoid sufferers need to choose their diet very carefully. They need to be more specific and have more fiber than other diets. Fiber is probably the single most important part of a hemorrhoids diet. Fiber makes your stools softer meaning they can pass through the anal canal easily during bowel movement. This minimizes straining and the chance of constipation ” both big factors in the development of hemorrhoids.

What is the best way to add fiber to my diet?

Dont jump right in and add massive amounts of fiber to your diet immediately. You need to do it over time ” preferably over a couple of weeks. Quick increase in fiber intake will leave you with cramps and bloating which will only worsen your hemorrhoids. As you add more fiber to your diet you also need to increase your water intake proportionally. You should drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day.

What foods are high in fiber?

Fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, broccoli, carrots, peas and beans (amongst others) are rich in fiber. Other food groups such as grains and bran also contain high amounts of fiber. Bran is a great breakfast option. Brown rice, wholegrain breads and muffins are good examples of grain-foods containing good amounts of fiber.

Foods that you need to avoid

Avoid eating spicy foods while you have hemorrhoids. Spice foods such as those containing chilli are not helpful when trying to cure hemorrhoids. Alcohol and coffee should also be avoided, as should white bread and sweet pastries.

Other suggestions for a better hemorrhoids diet:

Its very important to keep your metabolism in top shape if you suffer from hemorrhoids. One way you can do this is to go for a light run 4 times per week or even a brisk 20 minute walk will do just fine.

Sitting down for long periods of time will increase the pressure on your hemorrhoids and worsen the situation. Take a walk ever hour or so if you are sitting down for hours on end. Sleep lying on your side to minimize pressure on the anal veins.

If you are someone that lifts heavy weights on a regular basis you need to make sure your breathing technique is optimized to avoid putting extra pressure on your hemorrhoids. The best way to lift weights is to exhale when lifting the weight and slowly inhale when lowering the weight.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids its in your best interests to apply the above recommendations but also to take further action by starting to cure the core problems which cause hemorrhoids. In order to do this we suggest getting a copy of H Miracle or some other natural hemorrhoid cure. H Miracle is a detailed hemorrhoid treatment guide which has helped many thousands of sufferers deal with hemorrhoids. I have provided a couple of links below which lead to websites full of useful information about hemorrhoids – make sure you check them out.

Read more about H Miracle and other Home Hemorrhoid Cures so you can overcome your hemorrhoids today.


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