The Shocking Truth about Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

April 13, 2009

Pregnant women many times, experienced hemorrhoids, this usually occurs because of the pressure and the blood flow they experience during this time. Because of these problems, there may be some swelling of the veins in the anal area, which causes hemorrhoids.

While hemorrhoids are usually seen more often in women who have experienced this condition before, women who have not had hemorrhoids during pregnancy are just as susceptible, especially in situations where they have not prevented such problems. Hemorrhoids will show up during the actual birthing process, however hemorrhoids during pregnancy is know to disappear very shortly after they have had the child. Even though this is true, it is important to keep in mind that hemorrhoids can return at anytime and become far worse condition.

Usually women experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy due to constipation, because of the strain they may experience when they pass stools. Due to increased amounts of pressure on the veins, it is more likely that women will get hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

For women who are pregnant, there are some symptoms that are noticeable. You may notice blood in stools or on the toilet paper as well as skin protruding from the anus, extreme itching and pain when sitting or moving your bowels.

Importantly, it is much better to take the steps to avoid hemorrhoids during pregnancy that to try to cure them. Useful tips for preventing hemorrhoids include drinking water, eating fiber rich foods, avoiding weight lifting and at least 20 minutes of exercise daily. You may also avoid sitting to long or standing for a long period of time.

The problem of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is extremely common and painful, however by following a few tips, you will be able to avoid the pain. Those tips are:

1 Sitting in warm water a few times every day

2 Apply ice (in a towel) on your anus several times a day.

3 Keep your anus very clean, especially after you have a bowel movement (try using the toilet paper that is very soft.)

Use of these three tips will help you with relieving pain; however the best way for you to relieve the pain when you have hemorrhoids during pregnancy is to treat the condition. If you use the right method you will treat your hemorrhoids. There are a lot of treatments available for hemorrhoids during pregnancy that include creams, gels, suppositories, surgery, and many natural cures.

You will need to choose different treatment methods for the different levels of hemorrhoids you have. In some cases more severe hemorrhoids may need surgery while natural cures are better for hemorrhoid that is not so severe.

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Hemorrhoids in Toddlers – How You Can Help

February 15, 2009

Hemorrhoids are a caused due to inflammation of blood vessels in and around the anal canal. Anyone of any age can get hemorrhoids (even toddlers and young children) although they are most common in people aged 40 ” 65. Toddlers unlucky enough to get hemorrhoids face a lot of pain and struggle. Symptoms of hemorrhoids in toddlers include bleeding from the rectum, itching, burning and pain during bowel movement. If you see blood coming from the anal canal you should get your child to a medical professional as soon as possible.

No one wants to get hemorrhoids and they are even worse for children than for adults. This is mainly because children dont know how to deal with having a hemorrhoid emotionally and they can also sustain long term physical damage to their bodies. Constipation is the leading cause of hemorrhoids in toddlers and as such toddlers it should be avoided at all costs. If constipation can be avoided in toddlers its likely hemorrhoids will be also.

If you suspect your toddler is becoming constipated, you should get them an appropriate stool softener right away. The best thing to do to avoid constipation is maintain a healthy diet comprising of plenty of fruit and vegetables, plenty of water (at least 8 glasses per day), and plenty of exercise. Fiber softens stools naturally while exercise helps keep metabolism high. Water also plays an important part in softening stools.

What to do if Your Toddler Has Hemorrhoids

If you find that your toddler does have hemorrhoids the best thing you can start to do is minimize their pain as much as you can. Make sure they stick to the three things mentioned in the previous paragraph (fiber, water, and exercise) as these will aid in healing the hemorrhoid. You can also do some other things to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible which I will now explain.

Take care to clean the anus with a very soft cloth or tissue. It sometimes helps to dampen the cloth before cleaning. Keep the area as clean as possible to avoid further irritation.

Apply Aloe Vera gel to the hemorrhoids to reduce the burning and stinging pains associated with the hemorrhoids. Avoid having your child sitting or standing for long periods of time as this increases the blood pressure in the blood vessels around the anal canal which can lead to further damage and prevent proper healing.

Soothe the hemorrhoid pain further by applying an ice pack to the rectum ” this also helps to reduce the size of the hemorrhoid temporarily. Some people also find that giving the child a warm sitz bath helps to relieve pain.

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A little bit more about me…

December 26, 2008

I thought it was time I posted a little more information about me, who I am, where I live, and my history of hemorrhoids. As you all probably know, my name is Heather-Jane Hunter and I’m now in my late 30’s and I live in central Auckland, New Zealand.


In the past I have suffered from both internal and external hemorrhoids for a long period of time (over 18 months).  I tried a lot of different things to cure my hemorrhoids and read A LOT of books about hemorrhoids…many of the things I tried didn’t work, some gave me adverse reactions and some things were very successful. Even though I’ve never been a big fan let alone expert about vitamins, minerals, herbal products etc, I am a big fan of herbal remedies – they are something that have worked very well for me and a lot of other people I have helped through their battles with hemorrhoids.


I’ve been free of hemorrhoids for over 5 years now and spend a lot of my time trying to help others who suffer from hemorrhoids. That’s one of the reasons I decided to set up this blog…to try and point people in the right directions when they are suffering, share what I’ve learnt and hopefully pass on some of the useful tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way.


I hope you enjoy the blog – if you have a request for any specific information please let me know!



Welcome to my Blog!

December 22, 2008

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Ive set this blog up so I can post articles about hemorrhoids as well as any other information I find useful. 

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