Internal Hemorrhoids

February 15, 2009

Internal hemorrhoids are inflamed blood vessels that occur in the walls of the anal canal. They can occur as small as a pea and can be as large as a ping-pong ball in the most severe cases.

Internal hemorrhoids often cause severe pain, especially during bowel movement and are commonly identifed by noticing blood on the stool or toilet paper. Internal hemorrhoids frequently cause itching which can range from a pleasant tickle to something totally unbearable.

Although it is still not known exactly what causes internal hemorrhoids, a range of frequently related factors which often lead to internal hemorrhoids have been identified. A few of the main ones are explained below.

Constipation:Those who are affected by constipation for long amounts of time are highly exposed to hemorrhoids. Straining excessively during bowel movement (as caused by constipation) often causes ruptures in blood vessels which lead to hemorrhoids.

Hard Stools: Hard stools which hurt to pass can lead to internal hemorrhoids due to increased shearing force on the internal anal canal. To avoid hard stools try to eat high fiber foods such as cereals and vegetables.

Pregnancy: Internal hemorrhoids affect up to approximately 40% of pregnant women at some stage during or after the pregnancy. This is due to an increase in blood flow and blood pressure while caring the baby in the womb. Internal hemorrhoids can also occur due to the straining during childbirth.

Lifting heavy objects: People (such as those who workout in gyms) are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids as they are placing high pressure on their veins each time they lift heavy weights or objects. Squats and Leg Presses are probably the most risky exercises to perform due to the close proximity of the muscle group being worked to the veins in the anal canal.

Diarrhea: Prolonged periods of diarrhea are often related to the occurance of internal hemorrhoids. If you suffer from diarrhea for an extended peroid of time you should see your doctor or try the treatment methods mentioned below.

A number of different techniques exist for treating internal hemorrhoids. Choosing the appropriate one for you may depend on things such as cost, recovery time, and the severity of your hemorrhoids.

Surgical hemorrhoid cures can be very painful and very expensive. Starting at around US$1200 (price may vary depending on location) and with a recovery time of up to 4 weeks they are not convenient or realistic for everyone. Hemorrhoid surgery will definitely cure your current hemorrhoids but there is no guarantee that hemorrhoids wont return later to bother you again.

Creams and gels are interesting because some people have got results using them while others complain of nasty side effects such as burning and stinging. These side effects can become extremely painful and indeed complicate the hemorrhoids further (not to mention cause you a lot of additional pain and suffering). Most creams and gels target elimination of the pain and other symptoms that are common in hemorrhoid sufferers ” they dont target the underlying causes of hemorrhoids.

An alternative to internal hemorrhoid removal surgery and creams that we highly recommend you try before considering surgery (and using creams) is H-Miracle. H-Miracle is a book written by an ex-sufferer about natural cures for internal hemorrhoids (and external hemorrhoids) regardless of the severity. The H-Miracle website even claims that significant results can be seen in as little as 4 days.

For further information about internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, thrombosed hemorrhoids and much much more, visit the link highlighted below.

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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids – What are they and how you can cure them

January 7, 2009

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids
by Heather-Jane Hunter

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are amongst the most severe forms of hemorrhoids. A thrombosed hemorrhoid is a hemorrhoid in which the vein has clotted. Although thrombosed hemorrhoids are normally very painful they do not generally require surgical removal. The can occur inside the anal canal or as external hemorrhoids and they vary in size from being very small (the size of a pea) through to being as large as a golf ball in the most extreme cases.

Natural cures are now recognized as being one of the most effective cures of thrombosed hemorrhoids. Apart from just curing the condition, they can also provide fast pain relief to hemorrhoid sufferers. Below we have listed 8 tips to help those of you with hemorrhoids:

Take several warm baths in a sitting position (known as a sitz bath) daily ” this will reduce pain and clean the affected area. Sitting down can often be very uncomfortable (and sometimes impossible) for sufferers of thrombosed hemorrhoids, in this case try squatting in the warm water for 5 minutes or so.

One of the most painful things for hemorrhoid sufferers is to pass a stool. You can make this a lot easier by making the stool softer which can be done by increasing your daily fiber intake. That means eating more fruits, cereals, and vegetables.

Avoid dehydration. Stay hydrated by drinking a minimum of 7 glasses of water daily. This is not difficult – you should aim for 10 glasses to ensure hydration. Try drinking 2 glasses immediately when you wake up in the morning, 2 more at morning tea time and lunch time, 2 at dinner time and 2 before going to bed. Its always better to sip the water than drink it quickly.

Apply ice to the anal opening (or affected area). This will reduce the blood flow to the area and will also numb the thrombosed hemorrhoid. Wrap ice in a cloth to apply.

Apply over the counter hemorrhoid creams for pain relief. (NB: Some creams may cause extra irritation to your skin so choose one carefully)

Use Ibuprofen as a pain relief.

Try to do at least 20 minutes of light exercise per day ” this will help to speed up your rate of metabolism and promote regular bowel movement.

When cleaning your anus after bowel movement, use a soft towel or extra soft toilet paper to minimize irritation.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be cured naturally. One of the most successful guides available is called H-Miracle. It has become extremely popular in recent times due to how effective it has been. H-Miracle also gives you a range of tips and tricks that work very well for fast pain relief.

If you have tried everything including natural cures such as H-Miracle and still havent got results, its most likely you will need surgery to remove the hemorrhoid. A few of your options include:

Rubber Band ligation ” this process involves tying a rubber band around the hemorrhoid which restricts blood flow to the hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid then eventually shrivels up and disappears.

Hemorrhoidectomy ” generally a last resort for hemorrhoid removal, this painful surgery fully removes the thrombosed hemorrhoid but you may require several weeks or more to recover fully.

Sclerotherapy ” the hemorrhoid dries up and shrinks away after a liquid is injected into it.

Before considering surgery, make sure you have tried natural hemorrhoid cures. In many cases these can cure hemorrhoids totally within a couple of weeks.

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