What is a Hemorrhoidectomy?

January 21, 2009

A hemorrhoidectomy is the name given to a well known surgery that is used to remove hemorrhoids.

After all else has failed, sometimes hemorrhoid surgery is recommended. Hemorrhoidectomys may be advised to patients when hemorrhoids become so big that they cannot be inserted into the anal canal, when extreme pain and discomfort is experienced by the sufferer, or as mentioned, when all other treatment methods have failed. Anesthesias are applied to reduce pain during surgery.

The process of hemorrhoid surgery is to make cuts around the hemorrhoidal tissue in order to remove it. To limit the bleeding, the veins which are inside the hemorrhoid are knotted prior to the hemorrhoid being removed. The hemorrhoid wound can be left open or closed depending on the patients desires. A medicated gauze is often used to cover the wound post surgery.

After hemorrhoid surgery, most patients will be able to return home immediately. Some however, such as older people, women who are pregnant, people with other medical conditions, those who live far from the hospital, and those without any help or supervision at home may require lengthy hospital stays. Recovery usually takes between 2 ” 4 weeks but can take longer depending on the severity of the operation and the patients physical health at the time.

A successful hemorrhoidectomy cannot be guaranteed and in some cases serious problems including bowel control (or lack of) can result from surgery. The painful recovery from hemorrhoidectomys is one of the main reasons that the operation is avoided in the first place.

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Natural hemorrhoid cures can treat almost all types of hemorrhoids when used appropriately. Hemorrhoidectomy’s are a very serious form of treatment and as such should be fully understood (especially the risks and side effects) before being undertaken.

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